Precision cutting


Due to our own cutter and several cooperations to others we can also offer you the opportunity to get precision cuts or to purchase already finished precision cut stones,
which can be found partly in the category “premium stones and precision cuts” in our shop. Just click in and look around!


Precision cuts differ in most cases very strong from the standard cuts commonly used.The differences are particularly striking with regard to grinding angles, facets and meetpoints, which then combine to perfect proportions for a stone. From these optimal proportions results a perfect brilliance and a perfect light reflection, creating a sensational and very individual appearance of the stone.


Utmost importance for the perfect stone is a perfect polish after cutting. Only through perfect polishing it is guaranteed to get the optimum results for the stone and cut. Such stones are the highlights of any collection or any jewelry piece and can increase the quality and the recognition value of your jeweler works very much.


If you are interested or need information, please ask without obligation at


One of our partners developed plenty of his own premium cuts. A few examples can be admired below:



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