Formula: KNa2B3Si12O30
Colourless, very pale to intense pink (rare)
Hardness: 5
Density: 2,53
Refractive Index: 1,516-1,532
Crystal System: Hexagonal

Mogok in Myanmar / Burma is known for the most beautiful rubies and spinels, but also for rare and unique gemstones such as painite, hackmanite, colorless chrysoberyl, Johachidolite and also the only occurrence of facettable poudretteite in colorless to strong amethyst color.
Named after the original site Poudrette Quarry in Canada, a recently discovered gemstone. In Mogok it comes from Pyin-Oo-Lwin. Surprisingly, for a mineral with rather low refraction, pure and well faceted Poudretteite is very lively. As a very light mineral with a  density like Hauyne of around 2.53, even small stones are satisfactorily large. A 1 carat poudretteite corresponds to a 1.6 ct sapphire. Strongly colored specimens are the rarest (by bivalent and trivalent manganese) and most expensive.
Often very pale pink with clear zoning.
Due to the extreme rarity of a high-priced and hard-to-get collector’s stone. Can be confused with feldspar, apatite quartz and beryl.
Our poudretteites have been determined along with classical gemmological instruments using Raman and spectrometers.
The find areas in Mogok provide the discerning collector with many very to extremely rare gems.
– Johachidolite – Poudretteite – Hibonite – Painit – Taaffeite – Maybe the beginning of your collection of gemstones from Mogok …

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