Formula: Zn2[OH|AsO4]·H2O
vivid yellow, colorless to orange
Hardness: 4,5
Density: 3,98-4,01
Refractive Index: 1,675-1,740
Crystal System: monoklinic

Vibrantly bright yellow gemstones are found exclusively in Mexico (Ojuela Mine, Mapimi, Durango) and are among the extraordinary collector rarities.
Similar to phosphophyllite, the stages are highly sought after and expensive by collectors due to their strong and beautiful crystallization.
Therefore, a gem-quality crystal will not be removed from the stage for sanding. Sandable fragments are therefore the only source of difficult
to grind mineral. Somewhat softer than apatite, Legrandite, with its good refraction and high dispersion, is not suitable for jewelery purposes.
Monoclinic in long and narrow crystals, cut stones are usually very small and extremely rare to acquire.
A “must have” in any sophisticated gem collection.

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