Ethical sourced gemstones from Madagascar

Colored gemstones from Madagascar. Front left is corundum (sapphire and ruby). In the background is a pink tourmaline and a zircon. On the right side are different garnets (demantoid, rhodolite, color change garnet, spessartine and rough pastel pyrope.


Coloured gemstones have always been popular and at the same time they have a difficult reputation, as they mostly originate from structurally weak and conflict-ridden countries. We at Gemstore24 take care from the very beginning to purchase our stones exclusively from reputable sources and conflict-free areas.

The year 2020 brought many unexpected events and the Corona crisis did not only hit the western economy hard. Especially at such times it is essential not only to buy stones with transparent origins but also to support local communities and mine workers.

Madagascan gemstones are always very difficult to obtain directly, as a large part of them take a detour via South East Asia. We are therefore very happy that we could enter into a new cooperation in this field. Our cooperation partner has been travelling to Madagascar for more than a decade and spends a large part of the year there. He not only buys exclusively directly from the mine workers at fair prices, but also supports the local communities with tools, food and even finances them in advance during his absence (when he is back in Germany).

Madagascar is strongly dominated by Asian buyers, who buy up masses of raw materials, mostly at very low prices, and export them to Southeast Asia to cut the gems. We are therefore especially pleased to be able to offer cut gemstones which have been cut in Madagascar in addition to rough stones. This guarantees that not only the mine workers and their families benefit, but also the local cutting industry is strengthened and thus a larger part of the value chain and also financial resources remain in the country.


Spessartine from Ejeda und Maevatanana.


The south of Madagascar

Most people associate Madagascar with intense colored blue and pink Sapphires (mostly heated) sapphires from Illakaka. Our new partner spends most of his time in the remote south of Madagascar, where beautiful polychrome (multicoloured) sapphire, ruby, spessartine, rhodolite, colour changing garnet and other gemstones are found.

We are looking forward to the near future and to present many new Madagascan gemstones raw and cut on site and also to develop new projects together with our new partner.




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